Saturday Night Gaming

White Lotus, Part 1


The Inner Vault regularly leans on Critch to do some low-level lock picking and dungeon delving. This mission will be his first out of the city. The Vault has required Critch to travel to the White Lotus Academy. The mission will be to find a map that will help find a gate in an ancient Tiefling city.

The White Lotus Academy is an arcane academy where magic study and research occurs. They have big libraries and training facilities. The Guildmaster of the Vault has a connection with Marovic, the Headmaster of the White Lotus Academy. We are to make contact with him to gain access to the libraries, in an attempt to find the document. Marovic may have this hidden somewhere, not inside the library. The Vault wants Critch to negotiate some sort of trade for this document. It is preferable that he does not take it by force. We may have to do some favors for Marovic to obtain the document. The Vault wants me to recruit a small team of adventurers to help me.

Critch sometimes works with the city guard, sometimes with shadier groups in Waterdeep. The first thing Critch felt like he needed was some beef. He went to the adventurers guild in search of some muscle for hire. The Goliath Shield-Basher, Dra-Nar, had been exiled from his homeland, and had recently started contracting with a local adventuring guild/bodyguard service. Critch gave him the first slot on the team.

The second thing Critch thought might work for the team was a small but lethal hitter. He instantly thought of his friendly competitor, Garret, a Halfling Hexblade. He runs a whorehouse, and is not a member of any guild or group.

The group needed someone to help direct the battle, so we found a Genasi, Zardoz, who is from the Special Forces unit of the Watch. He is called in using a favor from the watch. Zardoz is attempting to climb the ranks of the Watch, and taking this mission should help him climb the ladder.

Once the group got together, we departed for Whitton, a small city to the East. We reach the Academy mid-morning, and we were greeted by a red-headed Instructor Tevors. He shows us the dormitory we’re staying in, shows us the arboretum, the headmaster’s house, the library, and other areas of the academy.

The group went to meet the headmaster, who was slumbering with his head on the desk. Tevors wakes him up. The Headmaster is angered, and assumes that we are petitioners. Tevors suggests that we go watch a student duel, and maybe offer some advice to the students from our real-world experience. A student takes us to the practice field. There are some students engaging practice dummies, and there are targets on one side of the field for practice, and a couple of students engaged in a training skirmish. While watching the students, the practice dummies came alive, killed the students, and attacked the group. They were dispatched in a matter of moments, with some good flanking tactics.



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