Saturday Night Gaming

White Lotus, Part 2

After defeating the Practice Manikins, Tevors comes running up, out of breath, sweaty, comb-over messed up. Tevors asks us to go find the book in the Lost Secrets Library. We are looking for the book: Holman’s Treaties on the Imbuement and Maintenance of Armed Conflict Training Manikins. Tevors then gives us a crystal, the size of a finger, that through warmth or chill will guide us while inside the Lost Secrets Library. Once we find the book, find Tevors in his chambers and give him the book.

The crystal guides us well through the library through the first floor, down the back stairwell, down several flights, then out onto a floor that appears like the first floor, then up one level, then down two levels, to a door. As we enter the room, a large sphere hanging from the ceiling produces a soft glow. The room smells of leather and old paper. There are free standing wooden shelves in the room. There are a couple of desks along the wall for studying. As we walk into the room, the door slams shut behind us, and the room goes into semi-darkness. We hear a chorus of voices in our ears, “I was never allowed to leave, neither shall you be.” At this point, the party is attacked by 3 undead spirits, the Genasi knows them as Poltergeists. They attack and retreat into the stacks. It takes a while, but the group finally defeats the Poltergeists. One of them drops a thin book down to the floor. Zardoz collects the thin book, discovering that it’s a book of Rituals.

The party completes a series of skill challenges to find the book and get out of the room and the library. The dwarf Obrock finds us, telling us that Tevors wants to see us immediately. He asks that we meet him at the Arboretum near the sundial. Obrock gave us a ring of jade with a petal inscribed on it, saying that it might be of help. He claims Tevors gave it to him.

The party makes its way to the Arboretum. There are a lot of exotic shrubs and trees there, but the party doesn’t find Tevors. Instead, we find a bunch of bark-skinned humanoids creatures that come from the surroundings and attack us. Some of the creatures were dispatched, but a nasty Shambling Mound kept consuming our tank, so it was difficult to bring down. The Shambling Mound kept getting healed by a couple of smaller creatures that we had a problem getting to. After the Shambling Mound dropped lethal damage on both Dra-Nar and Critch, it was finally destroyed. Garret and Zardoz took out the rest of the creatures. This was a very heroic battle.



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