Kenku Rogue, Inner Vault Journeyman


Critch hatched to a family of Kenku wing mages. At an early age, Critch wanted to be more like his friends, who were a bunch of Kenku sneaks. Against his parent’s wishes, he hung out with his friends more and more, getting into trouble under many different circumstances. One of the circumstances came up multiple times, Critch and his friends were stealing artifacts and gold from local tombs. During this time, Critch became very adept at picking locks and disabling traps. He developed his own set of lockpicks.

The group of Kenku moved around from village to town to city, breaking into tombs and plundering whatever they could get their hands on. Critch’s skills were improving at a rapid rate, and his Kenku friends were getting jealous of his skills. During one outing in a large city, Critch cracked a particularly tough tomb lock. The jealousy of his friends took over. They knocked him unconscious, dumped him in the tomb, and notified the local constabulary. Critch was discovered and put into gaol for crimes committed.

Critch didn’t like the idea of being behind bars, so he sharpened and shaped his index talons on each hand using small stones he found on the floor of his cell. Using his newly formed lockpicks, Critch unlocked the mediocre lock on the cell. On his way out of gaol, Critch was not counting on a night guard that had darkvision, Larnoth. He was caught again, and this time, he was put in a cell and watched.

The next day, Critch was visited by Bartolow, a member of the Fraternal Order of the Inner Vault. Notified of his lockpicking skills by Larnoth, Bartolow offered Critch a deal. Turn your life around, become an elite locksmith, and earn your freedom. Not seeing a choice, Critch took the deal. He’s very happy he did.

Bartolow became Critch’s dornarvar, and in turn, Critch became a very loyal apprentice. Bartolow taught Critch new and innovative ways to create and defeat locks of new and old styles. Critch worked on efficiency, getting to be known as the fastest safecracker in the city. He rose through the ranks of the Vault, eventually becoming a journeyman. With graduation to journeyman, Critch opened up a small shop in the city, creating nearly unbreakable locks and lockboxes, earning a fairly lucrative living. But there was something missing. There was no thrill, no adventure in his chosen profession. Critch decided to hire himself out as a security consultant, even learning his way around a sword and crossbow. Some of the more affluent members of the city hire Critch to accompany various bands of adventurers for his skills with the pick, and with the sword.


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